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(Français) Alice : Look’In Prestige – Etude complète

Complete analysisAlice : Look’In Prestige – Etude complète

I was able to understand Alice’s expectations and needs during the image and personality analysis. This step was quite important, because I want my clients to be themselves, my job is to reveal a better version of themselves.  The analysis showed that Alice has a romantic and natural style. She likes transparency, light and delicate fabrics. She’s a subtle and gentle seductress.

The colorimetry test – an analysis of her best colors – showed that warm and natural shades highlight her best. Now she knows that she should clothes with cold colors such as white, candy pink, burgundy, navy blue or pastel tones. Anything dull or too bright wouldn’t suit her complexion.  Warm spring colors such as beige, ivory, yellow daffodil, chestnut brown, pistachio green, orange, turquoise and all acidulous colors are what she should go for.

After an analysis of her facial features, I came to a simple conclusion : she has an oval face and shouldn’t unbalance it with vertical shapes, such as very long hairs, bangs or big earrings.

I also noticed Alice is not very tall. So I recommended her a few accessories matching her height. She should stay away from big bags or heavy belts which would imbalance her figure. She’s slender, so she must wear V collars and necklines and color gradations. She must avoid mixing opposite colors, such as white blouse with black pants for example. To look taller, she needs to avoid trouser cuffs or anything with a length going past her knees.

Her make-up should be natural and sweet like her: beige or peach tones for the blush, along with a coral lipstick and brown mascara. She absolutely must avoid blue tones and fuchsia.

After all the theory part was done, we moved on to the real part. We went to the hairdresser first, and it was a piece of cake, as no big overhaul was needed on her beautiful hair. She naturally has pretty golden highlights, so we decided to not do any color work. A simple and layered cut was good enough.

Shopping sessions for make-up and clothes were a nice moment of exchanges and complicity. We easily found together her makeup essentials and her clothing style.

We chose a pretty little black dress with discreet patterns, fluid and feminine, accessorized by a gold necklace and matching boots. With her down and a subtle make-up, Alice was glowing while still looking natural. She was delighted with her purchases and all these new beauty tricks were accessible for her wallet.