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Makeover philosophy and objectives


The power of your appearance

Makeover philosophy

Your image speaks about you, therefore it is essential to control its impact.

Indeed, people’s perception of you could influence certain events in everyday life: job interview, business meeting, dating

The messages which have more impact than words on your audience. You do not want your appearance to send signals which are contradictory to the message you want to convey.

Matching your appearance with your personality will translate into a harmonious identity and show who you are without the use of words: this is the true objective of a makeover!

Objectives of image consulting

How many times have you made wrong choices under the influence of a sales person who wanted to push you towards a style which did not fit you?

A makeover session offers you many others opportunities.

A successful makeover outlines an appearance in accordance with your personality without having to alter your identity. We do not impose you a style subjected to the canons of beauty codes. Together, we will model your image to express and reveal your unique character.

The aim is to adjust fashion to your personality, temperament and lifestyle – not the opposite.

Highlighting your appearance does not mean you have to change it. Instead, we’ll guide you to unveil your true style, erase your imperfections and bring out your full potential.

Because you are unique, the different steps of image coaching are tailored to your needs and will allow you to affirm yourself through a series of specific analysis:  the consideration of your colors, your morphology, your complexion, your tastes and your goals. A makeover contributes to lead you to a kind of balance and help you feel beautiful and develop your self-confidence.

We will consider your features and add value to them for make you feel better. You are a singular person and as such, your image consultant is a professional who’ll know how to guide you to make your personality shine through your appearance.

The work we will accomplish together will allow you to discover the power of your image.