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Complete makeover: the steps

bilan_imageImage evaluation

Review your image thanks to a consultation with a professional in image consulting. By taking your expectations into account, we can precisely target your needs about makeover.

morphologie_visageFace morphology

Enhance your face after a study of its shape. Find out how to balance proportions of your face by choosing appropriate collars, jewels, glasses as well as the suitable make-up and hairstyle.

coiffureHairstyle makeover

Learn how to enhance your face with a haircut in harmony with shape your face. The right hair color also naturally accentuates your complexion as well as your eyes. As such, your hairstyle will help you assert your personality.

styleClothing makeover

Discover your real personality through a fun test which will unveil and help you understand your personality and your identity. Thus, you will define your own clothing style.

garde_robeWardrobe management

Optimize and organize your wardrobe in order to dedicate this space for the clothes that you really need and use. Learn how to separate your professional outfits from the ones you put on for weekends, leisure and family activities.


Color analysis

Identify the colors which fit your complexion and the ones which don’t. The colorimetry will help you make the best choices about your clothes, hair color, make-up, as well as jewelries and accessories.

morphologie_silhouetteSilhouette morphology

Get a perfect silhouette by stressing your qualities and/or minimizing small imperfections. Learn how to choose the cuts, lengths and shapes adjusted to your morphology.

maquillageMake-up tips

Learn the techniques for a simple and targeted make-up, easy to replicate. A peachy complexion with a discreet make-up will harmonize and embellish your face without making it look like a mask.

shoppingPersonal Shopper

With a personal shopper service, you learn how to define a precise shopping strategy in order to choose the right clothes and accessories according to your age, morphology, colors and personality.