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(Français) Valérie : Look’In Prestige – Etude complète

Complete analysis


Valérie’s lack of trust in herself was confirmed during the personality analysis. She brought old photos of herself and looked at them with obvious regrets. I started her makeover by reassuring her: she still hadn’t lost her charm and her potential was still intact. She just needed to find it again and I knew where to look.

She has a beautiful dark skin, gorgeous brown eyes with a touch of green and endless eyelashes. The colorimetry technic showed us ‘’cold’’ and ‘’winter’’ colors were best suited for her. White, raspberry, purple, burgundy, emerald green or fir, royal blue are perfect colors for her tanned skin.

Her morphology analysis revealed that her body has the shape of an ‘’8’’, which represent well-balanced curves and the ideal of womanhood. Therefore, Valérie shouldn’t be confident in her silhouette and can easily be dressed. This fact was confirmed during our shopping session.

With the help of color chart, we decided add some brightness to her hairs with some dark purple locks. It’s also a glamourous and discrete way to stand out and reveal how unique Valérie is.

To light up her face, I advised her to use a make-up combining beige-peach tones and a fuchsia or pinkish brown blush. The choice of lipstick offered several options: magenta, garnet, raspberry or burgundy. As for the eye shadow, it’d be best for her to use purple or plum. To finish, a black or anthracite mascara would sublimate everything. All these cold colors make her look warmer, as surprising as it may sound, and Valérie was ready to go to the hairdresser.

We decided to go for dark purples locks, degraded short haircut and an asymmetrical bang – a perfect mix for her face and her style. It was so great to see Valérie open up and get confident during our session.

During our shopping session, she went for a green fir dress and I was in complete agreement with her choice. It suited her perfectly because it highlighted her complexion and waist line. She also took a cashmere scarf to hide her square shoulders, along with pretty black heel shoes. And there it was, Valérie was glamourous and feminine once again. She was beaming and I have no doubt that she will keep on following my advice to keep it that way.