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(Français) Sylvaine : Look’In for me – Etude de style

Price_for_style analysis


Sylvaine confessed to me that she was a bit skeptical about potential findings of this session and doubted what I could do to help her given her age. Over a coffee, I calmed her and reassured her : we have all a style which defines us, whatever our age. Different techniques allow us to find everyone’s attributes and it is my job to reveal them. Together, we will make the most appropriate choices for her and make sure that her needs are fulfilled. We discussed a lot because it is important for me to identify her personality well and to understand her expectations.

With the colorimetry technique, we found the ranger of colors which highlight her best. Good news for Sylvaine: cold colors are the most suitable for her complexion and her white hair, which help to bring out her sweetness and her feminity. Together, we agreed to do nothing on her hair. She wanted to keep it short and it is looked nice that way.

Face analysis made us try different glasses and we finally chose a rectangular model, perfect for her facial features. For her make-up I recommended pastel colors, simply because flashy colors would not be appropriate for her natural style. Her eyes between light brown and green were best highlighted by pale pink, Parma violet or eggplant eye shadows. A touch of rosewood blush highlighted her complexion. I didn’t use eye-liner or mascara because it would’ve hardened her features.

I gave her shopping advices to ensure that she would now choose length and shapes of clothes adapted to her morphology. Between several suits, we decided to go for one with a timeless, classic, fluid and relaxing clothes in which she felt good.

At the end of these two hours spent together, Sylvaine was shiny and reassured. When she left, she turned to me, winked and said: ‘’my grandchildren already love my food, but thanks to you, they will also love my looks now!’’