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(Français) Sarah : Look’InPretty – Etude du visage


Sarah : Look’InPretty – Etude du visage + étude de style

I got to know Sarah better over a cup of coffee. She’s very pretty and her beauty just waited to be revealed. Until now, she hid it under a bland haircut and glasses which did not do justice to her face and concealed her beautiful light blue eyes. Sarah is a selfless romantic and I knew exactly what style would fit her.

Colorimetry analysis showed us that her color palette is the summer colors type. She needs light, pastel tones and cold colors. I suggested to her a platinum blond color to highlight her face. Her face analysis allowed me to define the ideal haircut and style for Sarah as well: a short degraded bob was the better choice for her triangular face and highlights to get more volume to her cut. To check my diagnostic we tried on some wigs, and had a lot of fun doing it. Then we looked for glasses most adapted to her: we found a different spectacle frame with a wine-red color, not too showy and perfectly suited for her.

We went on to find the right make-up to match with her colorimetry test. I suggested we go for pastel tones, with a tad more applied to the eye shadow to bring out her blue eyes. Shades of delicate pink for the lipstick, a bit of rosewood and a pink blush to enhance her porcelain complexion: everything was perfect and we had just to apply it.

We moved on to Michel’s, my partner hairdresser salon, where Sarah was pampered.   Michel is a capillary genius and we quickly agreed on the right haircut. After that, we worked with the colorist and opted for hair enlightenment and a Californian sweep to highlight her face.

The result was bluffing for everyone and mostly for Sarah. Her eyes sparkled; she was satisfied, sublimated and looked younger.