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(Français) Maude : Look’In Prestige – Etude complète

Complete analysis

Maude : Look’In Prestige – Etude complèteAfter an image analysis and a personality test, I knew a lot more about Maude and her journey. Long hair, short hair, dark hair, blond hair, sweet, highlights, locks, discoloration: she tried it all. She obviously has a hard time finding her own hairstyle, her damaged hair are a living proof of that.

Through our conversation, it turns out that Maude is full of feminity and that she doesn’t feel at ease in her clothes, chosen under the influence of her entourage. The colorimetry test showed that her best colors are cold and pastel colors, and this will be taken into account throughout my make-up and clothing teachings.
She needs a natural, minimalist make-up to go with her complexion. We’re going for a discreet, ultra-feminine look, and staying for flashy colors at all cost.

We then did the morphology test, which showed that floating, loose clothes with a single color were her best choice to make her silhouette look more slender.

Maude is sensual, romantic and full of charm. Her seduction approach must be in harmony with how she looks: she’s all softness and doesn’t need to go for sexy or provoking. She now understands why her current look made her feel uneasy.

She isn’t tall, but I made her understand that she doesn’t have to wear 8cm high heels to hide it. 5cm or 6cm heels would be more than enough, and we’ll find other ways to make her look taller: we’ll work on lines, curves and cleavage.

Her figure is perfectly shaped, with the exception of her shoulders, which are a bit too large. Therefore, she should stay away from undershirts, floating sleeves or anything that make her shoulders stand out. She should also stay away from straight skirts and choose small bags and accessories, more fitting to her size.

The hardest step was at the hair salon. She didn’t want to get rid of her recently acquired plastic hair extensions, so the hair colorist had to work with it. With a light sweep, we were able to hide the unaesthetic dark roots. The final result was stunning, although not easy to obtain.

To complete the makeover, we went for the usual shopping session. Maude already had fully understood my advice and went naturally for the right colors and types of clothing. She had a lot of fun with the various fittings.

When the day was done, the young woman standing in front of me was feeling at ease with herself. Gone was the uneasy looking teenager, and her thank-you message which I received the next day comforted me in knowing that we made the right choices.