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(Français) Dorothée : Look’In for me – Etude de style

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Dorothée : Look’In for me – Etude de style + accompagnement coiffeur

In her job, Dorothée has to give a classic image, almost neutral, even though she likes spontaneous and informal suits, comfortable and quite natural clothes. She does not want a rigid look imposed by her work. I promised her to find a good compromise.

First step: color analysis. The colorimetry technique allowed us to determine which color should be prioritized for her wardrobe, her make-up and her hair. I started to explain the main principles of colorimetry, which left her confused at first, but during the test she saw the influences on our face depending on the tones we tried. It was essential for her to understand this step to apply my advice once she’d be on her own again. This technique will help her to make smart choices when it comes to clothing and beauty.

It turned out that cold colors are best for her: blue sky, seaweed, blue, blue-green, light and powdery pink suit her perfectly, which is great, because these light and discreet shades match with a base of dark suit, black or grey. Along with that, a discreet make-up will be applied harmoniously.

Skirt suits are not adapted to her morphology. Her best choice is to go for leggings with matching boots to make her silhouette look leaner. We chose a jacket embellished by a colored blouse or sweater and accessorized by a light and natural scarf: mix and matching is something she should try, as long as she goes for the right colors and shapes. With that in mind, she realized that she can mix chic and relaxed outfits just fine.

Her face is round. She has to favor long haircuts to make it look longer and avoid short haircuts, which would accentuate the roundness of her face. The hairdresser refreshed her face by removing a short amount of unnecessary length, and then finished up with a layered cut and some locks to give it a natural effect.

A few hours later, I saw Dorothée looking comfortable and relaxed. She was smiling and looking beautiful, ready to go to work or to a party with her friends.