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Céline : Look’In Prestige – Complete Makeover

Complete analysisceline-apres_page

When I started Céline’s image analysis, which was essential for me to get to know her, I felt she was a little tense and wary. During our exchanges, she started to open up and to confide in me: she let herself go with her weight and her looks, it affected her relationships and she lost her self-confidence.  She decided to react – she’s already on a diet – and has lost some weight. This session represents a new start for her, so off we go!

With the colorimetry technic, we chose colors adapted to her. She likes to wear black and luckily for her, gold colors suit her perfectly. I explained to her the chromatic circle principle and showed her the limits of the tones, shades, variations and contrasts to use.

Céline wears silver jewelry only: it’s perfect because “cold” colors illuminate her. The turtlenecks and round necklaces suit her well because they don’t make her face look big. She should avoid long earrings and focus her choices on round shapes.

Céline did not want to cut her long, well-kept hair. However, I suggested a few hair-highlights to smoothen her long facial features.

Her morphology analysis revealed that her body has the shape of an “8”, which meant she has access to every lengths and sizes of garments. Sadly, Céline still felt too big and refused any type of clothing showing her waist, which would’ve been a new asset after her diet. I was able to convince her otherwise during a very productive shopping and fitting session.

I taught her a subtle make-up style using her favorite colors: a dark purple on her eyelids to accentuate her beautiful clear eyes and a beige foundation to keep a natural skin effect. A touch of pink on her cheeks and her face was lit up.

Hand in hand, we paid a visit to my hairy stylist partner. We suggested hair extensions to Céline to get more volume, and did a few tests. The results were great and allowed us to find the right hairdo for Céline. We added bangs with a color gradation to reduce her face length. The result was truly spectacular and Céline was very happy.

After this, we went for a thorough shopping session for make-up and clothing, following all the analysis done previously. Shopping is a key step during a makeover, so Céline went through numerous fitting and tests, tried on many shapes and colors… until we finally chose the perfect clothes and make-up for her makeover.

We chose a smooth black tunic with a belt to emphasize her waist line. For the belt, we used a simple and chic scarf. A beige leather bag matched with high boots, and voilà: Céline was completely changed, while still being herself.