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(Français) Alex : Look’In Prestige – Etude complète

Complete analysis

Alex : Look’In Prestige – Etude complète

When I saw Alex cross the agency’s hallway, he seemed pretty confident. I discovered otherwise during the personality test and the image analysis: he is not totally comfortable in his personal life and his relationships. Alex must find his own style and needs a new look to build on a new confidence and to improve his social life experiences.

Alex was very receptive to my advices and explanations during the colorimetry test – a technique allowing me to determine which colors a best suited for his complexion. He was concentrated and noted scrupulously which tones to promote or ban. I taught him to balance his figure and to choose trims, lengths and forms adapted to his morphology.

To be in harmony with his personality and to make sure that he feels at ease, I suggested a style balanced between sporty and classic. The advantage of this clothing type is that they are comfortable, well cut and with a little touch of traditional. We defined together what would be the essentials of his future wardrobe and prepared the shopping list: V-neck or crewneck t-shirts, raw jeans, blazers, off-white shirts…

Then, I focused on his facial features. His face has a triangular shape, which we need to balance with a more adapted and structured haircut. I also made him try different glasses, and a rectangular shape turned out to be his best choice because it enhanced the look of Alex’s temples.

After that, we moved on to Alex’s favorite barber, whom I gave very precise directions for the haircut and facial hair revamps. A few cuts and shaves later, the result was stunning, which proves once again that every detail counts when it comes to style.

Before going on to our shopping session, I advised Alex to wait for the upcoming sales, but he was too eager to finish his makeover so we went on to the shopping district. Glasses, money-bag, pants, Bermuda shorts, shirts, polo shirts, shoes…  Alex got a complete wardrobe makeover. We had a lot of fun with all the clothing tries and discussed every choice.

Life can be full of surprises: I was worried that Alex’s hearing condition would be a hurdle to our communication and to his makeover, but everything went smoothly and quickly.

At the end of the day stood before me a new Alex, smiling and at ease with himself, ready for many new dates. Another mission accomplished for me, one I’m quite proud of.